Over the course of February 2023, the ERJPB’s marketing subcommittee ran an online survey to inform the development of a Shop Local campaign for the entire East Range. 

A total of 26 respondents shared their input and several common themes emerged in response to the survey’s 10 questions—here are a few highlights: 

What is the personality of the East Range?  

  • Hardworking 
  • Friendly 
  • Laid-back 
  • Down to earth 
  • Outdoorsy

What are the positive attributes of the East Range?  

  • The outdoors/nature 
  • Friendly people 
  • Small-town feel 
  • Recreational opportunities 
  • Strong sense of community and history 

Who is our target market? What are their interests, passions, needs, and personalities? 

  • Diversity of individuals and lifestyles 
  • Retirees, families with children, singles, groups of friends 
  • People with disposable income looking for some fun and adventure 
  • Travelers, tourists, and local residents 
  • Interest in the outdoors, festivals, mom and pop shops 

What does the East Range offer that no other place does? 

  • Unique outdoors options for recreation and year-around fun 
  • Peace, quiet, safety 
  • Niche recreation opportunities like Giants Ridge and Astro Tourism 

How would you describe the East Range? 

  • Diversity of cultures and ethnicities 
  • Individuals who help each other   
  • Outdoorsy, adventurous, and friendly 

What image best represents the East Range to you? 

  • Nature and wildlife 
  • Recreation 
  • A giant 

What do you NOT want to see in a logo or hear in a tagline? 

  • A giant 
  • Giant’s Ridge 
  • Mining 
  • History 

The survey results will shape a logo and tagline as well as branding for a website, window cling for businesses, and more.  

The Shop Local campaign seeks to bolster business marketing efforts to help newcomers and residents alike connect with the local business community. You can contact ERJPB’s Northspan Consultant Miriam Kero to learn more.